Will and Kristie's Wedding Page

Chapel of Love, Mall of America

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is a place of wonder. In addition to having Macy's, Sears and an amusement park all under one roof, you can also get married there. Amidst the miriad of stores selling blue jeans, silk T-shirts and flowered rayon dresses is a little slice of Las Vegas, the Chapel of Love.

The Wedding Party Contemplates Getting the Minister a Stool

As a cost cutting measure (in addition to not getting the wedding package with the celebrity look-alike), we didn't hire a professional photographer. We instead sprung for disposable Kodaks for all our guests. As a result, we got to see unique perspectives on the wedding that might otherwise been missed.

Kirsten and my New Bride underneath the Roller Coaster

One of the advantages of getting married in the Mall of America is after the ceremony you can hang out in Camp Snoopy and go on a few rides, if you weren't nauseated from the service already.

I reconsider letting the bride have the knife

After the amusement park we sated ourselves at the California Cafe. Good food and a nice waitress, who, after a stern lecture on the proper use of knives, let us cut our own cake. We all left feeling refreshed by the whole experience.