Still 15 Minutes and Counting

Andy Warhol is dead and on the shelf and I don't feel too well myself.

Too dark

I tend to crop up in odd places from time to time. This particular set of photos is of test shots from a Business Week photo shoot. The actual photo is much less flattering.

The shot was for an article about Silicon Valley to illustrate the odd perks companies give their employees, and was taken inside a large mobile dentist's office. They had to back this rather large and unwieldy vehicle up over the curb to get the Netscape corporate sign to appear out the back window. I was also supposed to wear a Netscape T-shirt, but the photographer preferred the Joe Boxer one I was wearing.*

In a sick twist, the page opposite my picture featured a gaggle of nude geeks in a hot tub, perhaps in a weak attempt to improve circulation. The overall effect was just plain disturbing.


Too bright

* The shirt has made it into other publications, including a TechWeb article about the Mozilla Party